Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kazbor's Grille

So the other day my sister and I went to Kazbor's Grille in  Alachua,Florida. This is the first time eating here for the both of us. The place was clean except for the women's bathroom..OMG....it looked like no one had cleaned it for days. Not to mention there are some really nasty women out there. Come on now really. Both stalls were nasty. The one had crap on the back of the seat and the other well lets just say someone needs a big big pad. Well lets just say that the only thing u could do in there is to wash ur hands.  Anyway about our food order. Ok so I order the Kazburger and my sister had order the Chicken Caesar Wrap and the Black Beans & Rice. So the burger and the chicken wrap were burnt. Yes I know this is a resturant that is a grille but I don't need to to scrape off my food to eat it just because it is so burnt. Even the black beans were nasty. They were hard. My sister took one of the beans and tossed it to me to show how hard the bean was. She was eating the beans like it was a tough steak...

So let me just say that if I am going to pay $8.00 for a double hamburger it better be where I can eat the dang thing...Will I try Kazbor's Grille again...Maybe but not the one in Alachua.