Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The real ugly truth!

OK so yesterday I watched a movie called" The Ugly Truth". This movie is so damn funny I almost pissed myself. So as I was watching this movie I thought wow he is telling the truth about what guys want in a woman. I mean come on, if a woman expresses ideas then she is controlling. If she gets pissed and tells the guy about it then she is a bitch or she is just pmsing. So I thought it is time to tell the real ugly truth here. So guys here is some things that u should now. A real woman wants sex just as much as you do, hell sometimes more then the guy does. Yes everything is good before the kids come alone but does that mean that it has to stay that way? HELL NO! Look a mother's job is never done. And yes even the guys that take care of their children are included in this also. It is a job in itself to take care of kids. And the more you have the more work you have to do. So every once in awhile let ur lady sleep in and u take care of the kids. Or once in awhile u cook supper for everyone. Yes we know that u work so hard and when u get home all u want to do is rest well so do we. So if u guys would help us then we can help u. If we are not so damn tired then we can focus all our energy on u. Now this means that u guys have to focus on us. See we don't want some 5 min. thing going on. Damn if we wanted that then we could do it by ourselves and if u now ur body then u can finish under 3 mins. So what fun is that? Look take ur time with ur woman. Make sure that she is happy first before u are ready that way she can take very good care of u. Now, some guys think that women r so stupid that we don't know when u r lying.....LMAO...OK whatever. Do we call u on all of it...No cause then we would be bitching. But that's OK. I mean u want to lie go ahead but God forbid we do it...then u make it seem like we killed someone. See I could keep on going with everything that u guys come up with about the ladies I could come up something about u all. But before I go I want to answer that one question that all guys want to know....DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? HELL YES! If you have a small one then ur tongue better work damn good. If u lack in one department, it doesn't matter as long as u make up for it in another. Maybe not even in the sex department. Maybe u treat ur lady like a queen..But yes size does matter.